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I am honoured to share that I will be the keynote speaker at Birdlife Australia’s photography conference in Adelaide in March this year, 23rd to 24th March 2024. Thanks so much to Peter, Craig and Australia’s Birdlife Photography team for the invite.

Kori Bustard ~ El Karama Conservancy, Kenya

I hope my images and my passion for birds will encourage people to stop and wonder; wonder about how birds are so perfectly made, wonder about their stunning habitats and wonder about what we can do to protect them for future generations.

Black Sawwing

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These courses combine my 14 years of experience and insights with a deep desire to see others grow and develop.

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Latest Prints
A few of Richard’s most recent photographs that have been meticulously selected for printing purposes.

Long-crested Eagle

R1,700 – R3,700

Olive Woodpecker (Limited)

R6,500 – R10,500