Karoo Prinia


“Praying for Mantis” ~ A Karoo Prinia looks around warily before dropping off a “praying mantis” meal for her chicks deep within her Fynbos shrubland.

Fynbos is as unique as it is strikingly beautiful! Hence, when I found an adult Karoo Prinia feeding her chicks amongst it, I knew that a safe distance and some patience could result in a special photographic moment. Before entering the nest site the Prinia would usually stop at one or two perches and look around carefully for any signs of danger. If the coast was clear she would then expose the location of the site and dart inside to feed the kids. Mrs Prinia finally brought all my photographic aspirations together when she arrived with an exceptional “mantis” catch in her beak and framed herself perfectly amongst her Fynbos terrain. Hooray!

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Ilford Galerie Fine Art Paper 270gsm


21 x 31.5cm, 30 x 45cm, 42 x 63cm, 60 x 90cm, 84 x 126cm

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