Striped Flufftail


“The Snow Leopard of Birds” ~ A shy and elusive Striped Flufftail walks briskly below an understory of bracken at Mbona Nature Reserve, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

| Commended in Bird Photographer of the Year 2022 |

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I arrived at around 6am and made my way back to the “flufftail” site; a large expanse of bracken that ran up one of the many valleys at Mbona Nature Reserve in the Karkloof. My walk was fast and determined. My heart was racing and my mind was filled with possibilities. Would I get a glimpse of this mystical bird for the first time? How many times would I have to come back to get a clear image? What would I learn and observe?
At around 08h30 I was brimming with excitement. I had caught a glimpse of the bird three times, learnt so much about its behaviour and had even got a blurry, record shot to boot! What a treat given the shy and secretive nature of these rodent-like birds.

Fast forward one hour and I was about to wrap up my first session by taking a few shots of the exact spot where I had seen what I thought was a “once in a lifetime” sighting of this prized species (i.e. the bird had miraculously appeared out in the open, but had moved too quickly for any photographs). I was busy focusing on the tiny bracken shoot it had walked past, when there was a sudden movement in front of me. The object moving was orange, black and white! Oh my word! The Flufftail had returned to the exact same spot I had seen it 20 minutes earlier and walked directly into my camera’s viewfinder.

The next few nanoseconds our best described through this limited edition print. I had achieved one of my bird photography dreams! I had not only seen the Snow Leopard but I had now got an image of it to cherish the moment for many years to come.


Ilford Galerie Fine Art Paper 270gsm


21 x 31.5cm, 30 x 45cm, 42 x 63cm, 60 x 90cm, 84 x 126cm

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