African Rock Pipit


Limited to 25 prints, signed and numbered.
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“Window to Wonder” ~ It is really difficult to get any non-birder or photographer excited about an LBJ (little brown job), but I am going to continue to do my best.
This very special LBJ is called an African Rock Pipit and is endemic to the high altitude, rocky grasslands of South Africa and Lesotho. He has the most awesome call, which he delivers from prominent boulders within his spectacular habitat. Given that he isn’t the most exciting to look at, I was hoping that an iconic Golden Gate National Park landscape with its sandstone formations, steep cliffs and layer upon layer of mountains would capture more of our imagination and give you a small window into this special bird’s world.
This limited edition image is part of a series called “Iconic African Birdscapes”; focused on showing iconic African landscapes and the birds that call them home.

Canvas Type

270gsm Ilford Fine Art Paper


42 x 63 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 84 x 126 cm

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