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Creative workshops at your lodge/venue

My workshops are portable and can be transported and tailored to your specific lodge. Please read the details of my standard workshop here: Bird Photography by The Flacks | Courses | Workshops

If you would like to organize your own creative workshop, which entails finding 4 to 6 excited wildlife photographers who want to do a workshop with me, please get in touch and I will send you the relevant pricing and other details.

Mentorship of field guides (theory and practical)

I have played a role in mentoring and training field guides on how best to work with passionate wildlife photographers. Going forward, this involves an adapted version of my mentorship programme and equips field guides with the ability to provide their photographic guests with the best experience possible. It involves both classroom and practical in the field tuition.

One of the safari guides I have had the privilege of mentoring is the incredibly talented and skilled; Warren Deyzel. Warren is a professional trails guide and has qualified with specialist skills in dangerous game. He was recently nominated to take part in Safari Guide of the Year 2023, where he competed against five of the best guides in Southern Africa for this prestigious title. Warren came away from the competition having won one of the categories; “Best Guided Photographic Experience”. I was incredibly honoured to receive this feedback from him, as he has taught me more than I have taught him. Thank you so much Warren!

“Thank you Richard for your time with me. I appreciate you as my mentor! Having spent two photographic safaris with you, I can confidently say that your input, advice and mentoring equipped me to walk away with the trophy and the title of Safari Guide Of The Year – Best Photographic Experience. Your energy and passion for photography and life is contagious – anyone spending any amount of time with you can consider themselves lucky. My life, my areas of focus, and certain passions have been ignited and tuned far more clearer from the discussions we’ve had over the last few years. I look forward to our next Kruger Adventure and I am so keen on joining your next photography workshop in Balgowan!”

Warren Deyzel; professional trails guide and winner of Safari Guide of the Year 2023 - Best Photographic experience. Photograph courtesy of Warren Deyzel & Safari Guide of the Year.

Commercial portfolios

I have been fortunate to do a number of commercial portfolios and paid articles for lodges and operators in Africa. Lodges include established, luxury lodges in the Kruger National Park, to safari-focused lodges in Kenya, Mozambique and KwaZulu Natal and to more bespoke lodges in the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. I have proven that both my images and the posting of them on social media have not only driven awareness but also provided a very healthy return on investment based on actual guest arrivals. Authenticity and believing in what I say and promote are key principles in this regard.

Richard did a write up of his experiences on our farm for his newsletter and posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram (where he has a huge following). The uptake of interest and subsequent bookings was immediate. We still continue to get bookings from both local and international guests who have a specific interest in birding. As a marketing tool this has been invaluable to our business.”

Elsa C (Tierfkloo Mountain Cottages, South Africa)


I love encouraging and inspiring others and am available to talk on a variety of topics at conferences, schools and clubs. Depending on the nature of these talks and the purpose for them, I have a variety of pricing models (including no cost at all for purpose-led initiatives).


Richard Flack has an unparalleled ability to create a learning environment that unlocks creativity, challenges the status quo of the photographic discipline, and allows for the reimagining of what is possible when capturing the natural world through your lens. His talent as a mentor, facilitator and teacher is matched by his awe-inspiring imagery, in-depth knowledge of composition and design, and his emotive storytelling behind each of the beautifully crafted images. In two hours, my own perspectives of what is possible in my personal photographic journey were reignited and my ideas behind how and why I take photographs were expanded to new horizons. 

Melissa W (Conservationist & photographer, South Africa)


I recently hosted a workshop for Birdlife South Africa and Canon, which focused on one of my favourite topics: “How do we build confidence as photographers, so we can reach our potential as artists”. My favourite talk for youngsters (6 to 12 years old) is called “The Wonder of Birds and the God of Wonder”.

Birdlife South Africa and Canon
Roger Machin from Canon South Africa and Richard Flack discussing all things cameras and photography at Birdlife South Africa’s Annual conference in the Wilderness. Photograph courtesy of Melissa Whitecross.

Curated Wildlife Photography Tours

I will be hosting a very small number of curated bird/wildlife photography tours in Africa each year for a maximum of three people per tour. These tours will combine some mentorship before the trip departure (for any guests who have not already done the programme), as I feel it is critical to have a good theoretical foundation and some time to practice before we launch into a photographic tour together. If you want to keep up to date with the tours available or new tours coming, please send me a specific email in this regard.

I am also available to tailor a trip for individuals who have specific goals in mind.

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Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more. I offer a free virtual coffee to discuss possible options and ensure I can meet your specific expectations.