Birdlife Photography Conference 2024, Adelaide Australia

I recently returned from an “art in bird photography” conference in Australia. The conference hosted over 200 passionate photographers from all over Australia.

Thanks so much to Birdlife Photography Australia for inviting me and for making me feel so incredibly welcome. It was such a privilege to be the keynote speaker and to share the stage with such wonderful and talented fellow photographers. The camaraderie at the conference was something that was very special to witness. I have definitely made a number of new friends and am looking forward to seeing how our paths will cross as our journeys continue.

And yes, the birds in Australia are very colourful and very noisy!!! My favourite were the magpies who sounded like a cross between an old internet connection and a soothing lullaby. I unfortunately didn’t get much time for photography but the fun, laughter and fellowship more than made up for that!