GETAWAY | Creativity takes Flight


Great avian photography is the result of perseverance and planning; turning ideas into reality and telling stories with a single image. Richard Flack is one of the finest photographers in this incredibly challenging field.

Experimenting with light has been an essential part of my creative journey. I love light – and not just beautiful morning and afternoon light but all types of light; from diffuse light that enables high key images, to back light that highlights a subjectʼs outline, to post-sunset light that produces unimaginable colours and moods.

Considering different perspectives has also pushed me to look beyond the obvious. Eye level is awesome but what about above, below and through a small gap in the foliage? By walking around a bird, I can often change the scene completely and give a unique window into their world.

Full frame portraits with a clean background are every bird photographerʼs dream but do they tell a powerful enough story? I often take a few steps back and give the bird space, consider a wider angle lens or find a landscape scene that I love and hope a bird arrives in it. These approaches have allowed me to focus more intently on composition and design.

Equally important has been patience and perseverance. I try to be courageous in my visualisation of images, but also put in the time to turn these thoughts into reality. At the end of the day I love my subjects and hope that my photographs stir emotion, drive awareness of Africaʼs incredible birdlife and encourage the conservation of their precious habitats.